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Fic Preview!

Suikoden II fanfic preview

"Are you okay now?" the man’s voice mixed in with the bits of memories. After his vision cleared, he found the other man staring down at him, worried. "You blanked out after touching the Rune. That never happened before," he said. Here he was, lying in the man’s arms. Just like that time... "I’m sorry, it must have been the weather," Jowy said, not making a move to get up. "I’m sorry to worry you, sir." I want to stay in your arms… just like that time... let me stay...

The rain slowed, the winds softened, there were no more claps of thunder and flashes of lightning. Jowy still lay in the man’s arms, both of them looking in each other’s eyes.

"I cannot... remember... my past," Jowy said. "Sometimes, I black out when I remember something, but it’s usually not good. Something about a war... a long, long time ago." The man had started to stroke Jowy’s long, silvery blond hair. "I... used to live here," the man said. "I came back to visit my adoptive father’s grave. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here. A lot has changed..." The fire in the kiln crackled. The pitter-patter on the roof could barely be heard. "Whenever I come to this town to buy supplies, I would always feel nostalgic. As if this town had been important to me before," Jowy said.

"...As if I belonged, but would never be in place," they both said at the same time. The man smiled and closed his eyes. "You really remind me of my best friend," he said. "Both of you have the same exact eyes. Almost the same personality, too."

"Where is he?" Jowy asked. "He must be really important to you." A sad smile played on the man’s lips. "Yes. Yes, he is. He’s very important to me," the man replied. "He... Jowy died while trying to seal the Beast Rune." The man looked at Jowy. "I guess, I’m partly to blame for his death. If only..." It’s only coincidence that we both have the same name... Pure coincidence. Deep inside Jowy, a small voice wished it wasn’t.

"I’m sorry," Jowy said. "No, it’s okay. I don’t mind," the man said. "Um," the man hesitated before continuing. "Is it okay... if we stayed like this a little longer?" For some reason, Jowy’s heart leapt. "Yes," Jowy said, hoping that he did not sound too eager. Why am I happy that he asked? The man smiled and continued stroking Jowy’s hair, staring at the warm fire from the kiln.

Jowy watched the man, as he lay on his lap. He wanted to reach out and touch the man’s face, wrap his arms around him, and tell him to forget the past. It’s horrible, Riou. I’ve been so alone...

"Thank you," the man said all of a sudden. "What for?" Jowy asked, confused. "For taking me in. For lending me clothes. Letting me share your fire," the man shrugged. "Thank you. Very much." Jowy smiled. "Oh no, no need to thank me. I only did what I thought I should do," he said. I don’t want to be alone anymore, Riou. I don’t want to be alone.

"Still, I want to thank you," the man insisted. "And I want to repay your kindness." Jowy shook his head. "You don’t have--" The man placed a finger on Jowy’s lips to make him stop. "I have to. I want to," he said, smiling. Jowy sighed. "If you wish," he said. Jowy returned the man’s smile. "Well then, when the rain stops, if it’s morning outside, I’ll be your bodyguard on the way to your home," the man smiled. "That’s a promise, okay?" Jowy nodded, "Yeah, a promise." Jowy closed his eyes, assured that the man who held him would not betray him. He would come. He promised me he would. He’d come to Tenzan Pass. He would. He would... He’d be there.

All right. Took me long enough to post something again. ^^; Enjoy the preview. That's all you get until I figure out a decent ending. :D

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Untitled Kyou Kara Maou fic
Done with less inspiration than i wanted

I rubbed my eyes sleepily. Today was a very tiring day. I had to put up with Yuuri's stubbornness all over again. But I don't mind. After all, he IS my fiancee. I quickly dressed up into my nightgown. Ani-ue says that pink wasn't my color.. But I liked how it looks on me. It makes me look more beautiful than I already am. Stifling a yawn, I made my way to our room. My and Yuuri's of course. Since we're already fiancee's, we should start acting like a couple. I smiled at the thought. If Yuuri is awake, I'd teach him all about being one. If not.. Well, there's always tomorrow evening.

Feeling happy about the thought, I opened the door to our room slowly, peeking inside. "Yuuri?" I called out. No response. "Oi, henachoko.. Are you there?" I opened the door fully, letting myself in. Maybe he was already asleep. I frowned. I was hoping to at least be able to talk to him. Sighing, I closed the door behind me and made my way to our bed.

Once right next to the bed, I noticed how sleepy I already was. Silently thanking the first Maou for the luck, I slipped in under the bedsheets and crawled next to Yuuri. I noticed how adorable he was while sleeping. Brushing away stray strands of hair, I leaned down and gave him a small kiss. "Goodnight, Yuuri," I said before cuddling next to him, and finally, closing my eyes to get some sleep.

But the thing is, Yuuri's room is too warm. I couldn't sleep at all. The blankets were no good, either, and I cant just shove them off. Poor Yuuri might wake up. Sighing, I sat back up and slowly took off my nightgown. It was slightly damp because of sweat, but at least now I'd be able to sleep. Yawning, I slowly slid back under the blankets, snuggling once again next to Yuuri, wrapping an arm around him. "This time," I said, "it's goodnight for real."

+author's notes+
Whee! My first KKM fic! And probably the first ever KKM ficcie on the web!! Whoo!! Wolfy is a little OOC here, but it just sooo perfectly fits~ Comments please! ^^

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Work in Progress

KKM fic, Yuuri/Wolfram, still untitled

Yuuri was gone. He's become king, but now he's left his kingdom.. And me. The nerve of that guy. He proposes to me and then the next thing you know, he's gone! And he left in the middle of his crowning ceremony! I swear, when I get my hands on Yuuri, I'll give him a good spanking I'll teach him a lesson he'll enjoy never forget!

+add - new scene, ep7 related+

I rubbed my eyes sleepily. Today was a very tiring day. I had to put up with Yuuri's stubbornness all over again. But I don't mind. After all, he IS my fiancee. I quickly dressed up into my nightgown. Ani-ue says that pink wasn't my color.. But I liked how it looks on me. It makes me look more beautiful than I already am. [Oh, how conceited...] Stifling a yawn, I made my way to our room. My and Yuuri's of course. Since we're already fiancee's, we should start acting like a couple. I smiled at the thought. If Yuuri is awake, I'd teach him all about being one. If not.. Well, there's always tomorrow evening.

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Kyou Kara Maou fic attempt #1

Rika's Kyou Kara Maou Fic Attempt #1, AKA Episode 2 in a Nutshell!

*takes place in episode two*

Yuuri: Wai! A dinner just for me!
Wolfram:You suck.
Yuuri:You're a stuck up prince. I like you. Marry me?
Wolfram: Not unless you whup my ass.
Yuuri:Can I kiss it instead?
Wolfram:You noticed that this series has lots of sexual tension, too?
Yuuri: I feel loved! ^^
Celie:Wai~ My youngest son is getting married~ ^o^ Love and Peace!! ^o^v
Gunther: I am so jealous.. At least Wolfram's not seen Yuuri naked yet.
Gwendal and Conrad: ...

The end.

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War of Emperium Chapter 1

Title: War of Emperium

Author: Rika Shiroi

Genre: Fiction, Action/Adventure, Slightly Dark

Summary: An RO adventure with a twist of reality: First person POV of a thief who searched for an adventure. When he finds one, he finds himself in a terrible pinch.

Warnings: Read the Author’s notes at the end of the fic. Thanks.

Disclaimer: This is a Ragnarok Online Fanfic. RO is owned by Lee Myoungjin and GRAVITY. There might be some references to the Ragnarok Manga/Manwha by Lee Myoungjin and some from other anime/manga/game/rpg/whatever. Most of the characters are mine, especially Arizel; she’s my RO chara. This fic is made for entertainment purposes only and I don’t get any money out of this.

Part One: It begins...

Ever wanted to leave home because there wasn't anything to do there? Or you were just plain bored? Ever wanted to go out into the world and look for an adventure? Well, I did. At first, I thought it was a big mistake. But after all those experiences... The adventure was worthwhile... And it still isn't over.

When I was younger, my best friend and I practically never left the vicinity of our town, Morroc. We’d play by the ruins or hunt Drops and Pickies. Moriya and I also thrived for adventure. Sometimes, we’d enter the Pyramids and pretend we were Treasure Seekers, picking up the spoils left behind by travelers. If any monsters came to attack, Moriya and I would run as fast as we could to the exit. We always got out safely, laughing at ourselves. Our mothers would scold us when they catch us running from the Pyramids. *WHEN* they catch us.

We spent more time in the Pyramids in our teen years, looting most of the time. You’d be surprised of what people leave behind. A year later, we split paths. Moriya decided to leave Morroc. I, on the other hand, stayed by the ruins. I was rather afraid to leave Morroc just yet.

Moriya sent me letters every now and then, telling me of his adventures in the Coal Mines, in the Undersea Tunnel and in the Snowy North. He kept telling me to leave Morroc already or else I would die of boredom. One day, the letters just stopped. His last letter said that he had just become an assassin. An Assassin! What in the world was he thinking? Sure, as teenagers we were some kind of thieves, but an assassin?

When the letters stopped I thought the worst: that in one of his assassination missions he somehow... Well, you get the picture. But then, I thought that as an assassin, you need to be very careful of your actions... that someone might find his letter to me and find out where he is. With that in mind, I didn’t blame him for stopping his letters.

Then, one day, I just felt like I had to leave Morroc: leave the same old, same old behind and look for an adventure. And I did. I spent a few thousand to get a goo weapon: an upgraded Stiletto, much better than the Cutter I’ve been using, got myself decent equipment and armor. When I set out, I only had around a few hundred Zeny, some herbs and food to keep me going, the clothes on my back and my Stiletto. Moriya would’ve said, “Kaede, you idiot! You shouldn’t have spent your money!” He was a money freak.

It was the day after I left Morroc when I found the wreck. I was travelling in the middle of Sograt Desert when I came across the caravan. The caravan was pushed to its side, its crates, barrels and sacks of forging equipment, crystals and weapons, most of which were destroyed, lay around it. It was obviously from some kind of attack by some force greater than any human’s — or at least the person who owned/drove the caravan.

I walked closer to the caravan wreck and found some desert wolf corpses lying around, so I thought, Hmm, the caravan must’ve been attacked by a pack of Desert Wolves. Then something caught my eye. It was a silver piece with black engravings on it, like a crest of some sort. I pocketed the crest, thinking that it might have come from some ruins I have never heard before and might cost a lot. I looked through the other stuff, for spoils that might cost a few more hundred or thousand Zeny. I found a nice looking sword, and a still usable hammer. All the crystals I got I kept. Then I continued on my journey to the next town, Prontera.


I reached Prontera in one piece, while surviving the desert by eating bird meat. I swore that if I ever saw another Condor or a picky, I would completely freak. Also if I heard a Muka screech. Those darned Muka’s would keep you awake the whole night with their bloody screeches.

I entered the pub, after nearly surviving the traffic of people in the streets. And all those times I thought that Alberta was the center of trade. Boy was I wrong. I entered the pub, knowing a secret that Moriya had told me in one of his letters. The pub was the porthole to the Black Market of Midgard. I plan to sell the crest there. Moriya says you can sell stuff at a higher price at the Black Market.

The pub was full of different people from different places. There was one group of mages, who kept demonstrating their elemental powers, in one corner of the pub. I went straight to the tender and ordered a “Bloody Rose”. The tender smiled darkly and gave me a card. He nodded to my left. I thanked him and turned left. While walking, I looked at the card. It was a thin silver card with grooves, which was probably the key to the entrance.

I reached the darkest corner of the pub, the one the tender told me to go to. In that place, it had a wooden Muka statue. Just looking at the statue of the Muka made me realize what the grooves on the card were for. I placed the card on the Muka’s outstretched hand. All of a sudden, the world around me spun.

I felt my stomach churn, I felt dizzy. All I saw was a myriad of colors mixed up and blurred. They became darker, darker and even darker. Once the spinning stopped, my vision started to clear, and my stomach felt queasy. I wanted to throw up. Then this Acolyte walked up to me and said, “First time here? Don’t worry, you’d get used to it...” Then she cast some sort of curing spell. I didn’t feel nauseous anymore. “Thanks,” I said to her. She smiled and then disappeared in a flash of light. Then, I thought to myself, Why was there an acolyte here?

I looked around. It was a dimly lit room, probably underground, with a lot of merchants, blacksmiths and other people sitting down or standing next to a cart selling items and other stuff. There were also a lot of people buying from them. I never actually imagined a Black Market to be like this.

I walked a little further and reached a corner where a merchant sat down, counting his Zeny. His merchandise was laid down on the ground, price tags next to them. Looking up, the merchant says, “What can I do for ya? I got some nice Daggers here, and a Fire Stiletto, too.”

“Oh, no thanks,” I said in reply. “I was just wondering if I could get a few hundred, or thousand or so from these...” I took from my pack the spoils I found in the caravan wreck and showed it to the merchant.

“By golly, a few hundred thousand indeed,” he said as he browsed through my items. “This one’s a mighty fine forgin’ hammer... 300 thousand Zeny at least...” He said as he took the hammer from me. “And this sword,” he said, handing me back the hammer and taking the sword. “This sword looks like it was imbued with a Mystic Frozen...”

“You’ve got yourself a deal, boy,” he said. “I’ll pay 750 thousand for the sword and 300 thousand for the hammer.”

“But what about this?” I asked, holding out an item he had left out: the crest. The merchant looked at the crest, stared at it for a few seconds, then looked up at me. “Look, kid...” he started, his voice lowered. “I don’t think I could buy that from you.”

“Why not? You’re buying the hammer and the sword!” I said. “You just don’t understand, do you?” he said, his arms crossed. “I cannot, and never will, buy that Night Phantom Crest from you.”

“Night Phantom Crest? What’s a Night Phantom?” I asked. Maybe I *did* stay too long inside Morroc...

“’What’s a Night Phantom’ you ask? How long have you been living in caves, boy? Don’t you know that the Night Phantoms practically rule the whole Underground?” the merchant said, his voice hushed, at the same time stressed.

“They... they do...?” I asked, scratching my head. I had no idea that I had gotten something so... so...

“Well, well, well... what have we got here?” a female voice asked from behind me. “That looks like Locke’s crest...”

I turned around to see a female Huntress standing behind me; her falcon perched on her arm. I assumed she was a huntress. She had a quiver by her waist and a longbow strapped behind her. Archers would have had scarves around their neck, or so I’ve heard. The merchant had gasped when he saw her.

“But I thought that that crest was the Night Phantom’s...?” I said, now completely puzzled. Then the merchant pushed me aside. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Miss Telizure. I most certainly am... But this boy,” — he points at me – “wanted to sell me this crest that he had found!”

“Really now?” the huntress said, raising an eyebrow. Her falcon looked as if it were glaring at me; it made me queasy. She looked at me from head to foot, which was quite embarrassing since it felt like I was being stripped off my clothes... With her just looking at me!

“I’d like to talk to this thief alone. Mind if I take him with me for a while?” Miss Telizure, the huntress, asked.

“Not at all, Miss Telizure, not at all,” the merchant said, bowing.

“Oh, and I’ll take those,” Miss Telizure said, taking the forging hammer and the sword. The merchant looked as if he had just lost a million Zeny — well, he did with the prices he offered me. “Locke might want these back.” She smiled at me. That was when I saw that she, too, had a similar crest pinned on her rather short skirt. “Come with me, boy. We have things to discuss.” With my, er, Locke’s items in her hands, she turned and motioned me to follow her. Still confused and quite stunned by the events, I did. Which was probably a good thing.

I found myself walking for around half an hour in Prontera’s sewerage with a falcon flapping over my head. There were several passageways down there... and a lot of bugs, spores and tarous. It was kinda annoying, though, since one of the bigger bugs stole the apple I dropped. I wanted to eat that apple...

The trip was silent, until we reached the third stairway leading deeper into the sewers. Miss Telizure, the huntress, had started to climb down the stairs when I spoke up.

“Excuse me, Miss ...Telizure, isn’t it? But where exactly are we going?” I asked. “We’ve been walking for half an hour, my apple’s been stolen and the bats in these sewers are damn annoying!” I don’t think I should’ve complained, but hey. I had rights!

She simply smiled at me and said, “We’ll meet a few of my friends here. Don’t worry, they won’t bite. And then, after that, we’ll go see my boss.” Her falcon perched on her outstretched arm and stared at me with that same look that made me shiver.

“Your... boss?” I asked, stumbling on my words. I felt afraid at that time. Very afraid. Who wouldn’t? This merchant tells you about an Underground Guild who most likely had an evil stone-fisted leader, then a member of said guild appears behind you, takes you to Prontera’s Sewers to probably meet more of said Guild’s members, then take you to their leader who in turn would punish and torture you! Who wouldn’t be afraid if met in a situation like that?!

“Yes, boy. Now, follow me for a while. We’d reach the place soon,” she said as she flipped her dark blue hair. We continued the descent in silence.


The place reeked of slime, grime, bugs and stenches of more filth. There were more annoying bugs, and there were annoying big green cockroaches who kept attacking you. Miss Telizure — Arizel, I mean (she insisted that I call her Arizel), said that it was normal on this level of the sewers.

We were waiting in the center of one of the lower levels of the Prontera Culverts. Arizel said that her ‘party’ would join us soon. She also told me to keep busy by keeping the big blue-green bugs away from her. She didn’t like cockroaches.

There were a bunch of dead blue-green cockroaches around us, and there were two more I was getting rid of, when we heard the low, grumbling sound that made the whole level of the culverts rumble. The ground shook, and lo and behold! Right in front of us, some freakishly huge insect with a golden body emerged from the ground, creating a big hole on the sewage floor.

Arizel’s falcon screeched and flew above us, then dived onto the golden bug. Arizel nocked arrows on her longbow and took on the Golden Bug with two arrows at a time. But with the golden bug came more of those annoying cockroaches. I was surrounded by at least seven of those bugs. Arizel was trying to kill the Golden Bug, her falcon helping her.

I had killed the third cockroach when the shadows started to move. Two of the blue-green cockroaches that were attacking me suddenly died, there were more arrows being shot at the Golden Bug, and a trail of earthen spikes shot out from the ground and was directed at the Golden Bug. It took less that ten minutes for the Golden Bug to shrivel up and die along with his company.

I was standing there, in the middle of piles and piles of bugs, staring at the dead Golden Bug whose innards were gushing out of him, huffing and puffing, bruised and covered in bug grime. It took me a few seconds to regain myself. The shadows had started to move again.

“Arizel, I think we have visitors,” I said, looking back at her. She was drinking a White Potion and was standing next to this other woman in rather tight-fitting clothes and a dark cloak wrapped around her.

“Oh, don’t worry about them,” Arizel said. “It was a good thing they came on time. I don’t think you could’ve survived those Male Thief Bugs anyway.”

“What are you talking about? I practically took out fifty of them on my own, even when the big gold bug-thing appeared! I didn’t need their help!” I suddenly yelled. The lady in the tight clothes said and did nothing. I felt irritated, annoyed... and tired.

“Will you look yourself in the mirror?” Arizel said, stingy, her arms crossed. “Do you think you could survive another minute in these places?” The shadows kept moving, circling us, while we talked. “Look, I’m grateful and all that you got rid of those darned Male Thief Bugs, and that you’ve recovered Locke’s crest, but don’t you overestimate yourself. It’s a weakness, and I don’t like warriors with weaknesses.” She glared at me.

“They come,” the silent female said finally, her cloak shifted with the shadows.

The moving shadows had now completely surrounded us, Arizel was unmoved, and I felt lightheaded. There were eight shadows that were around the three of us. And then, the visitors stepped into the light.

They were all eight, five men and three women including the one who stayed next to Arizel, whose clothes suggested that they were from different classes, different places. Their eyes were filled with wisdom of battles and of ages past. They made my heart beat faster than it should.

“You’re late,” one of the men said. He was tall and blond and wore a steel hauberk that had the similar crest on his chest plate. He sheathed his two-handed sword, held the hilt with one hand and patted Arizel on the head like she was some puppy. “We were worried about you,” he said, laughing. Arizel only smiled. He then looked at me, looked me up and down and quirked an eyebrow. He looked like a paladin from the books. “Well, well, what have we here?” He asked, still looking at me.

“From the looks of things, he’s come from Morroc and tried his luck in killing the Golden Thief Bug,” said a female. She looked like the Acolyte who greeted me in the Prontera Black Market, only this one looked only a year or two older than I am, had glasses and had her hair tied in two braids... Okay, so she didn’t look like the Acolyte I saw. “Also, with the speed in killing the male thief bugs, he’s as agile as a thief, though his defenses are quite poor,” she added.

“Quite right there, Ilyena,” another man had said, his deep voice muffled a little. He was tall and well built; he had a scarf that covered his face and clothes so dark that it seemed like he was part of the shadows. “He would make a good thief — even an assassin, if only trained well,” he said. Ilyena nodded, still looking at me.

These people, all staring at me, made me sweat, made my heartbeat fast and made me feel very weak. I felt my knees buckle, thank heavens I had a wall to lean on. “Who is he, Arizel?” The blond guy with the sword asked. I felt all their gazes at me again. Like a hundred bees stinging me. Somehow, I felt that that blond was the ‘Boss’ she was talking about — the boss that I had feared. And somehow, I found it harder to swallow.

“Probably a key to Locke’s disappearance,” Arizel said.

“So it is true,” Ilyena said calmly, “That Locke was kidnapped, then.”

“That may be a probability, but I think we should bring him to Master Fuujin immediately,” another female said. She was a head taller than the other females, her loose golden hair whirled in the windless culverts and was wearing a fur-trimmed dress which made her look of royalty. “That is the rule.” She looked at me and smiled. Whether she meant that smile to be menacing or encouraging, I could not cipher. “Arizel, what is his name?” the shadowy man wearing the scarf asked. Arizel opened her mouth to answer, but I got ahead of her.

“Kagami,” I said. Arizel shot me a reproachful glance. “Kaede Kagami. And I’d like to know who you guys are,” I demanded. The paladin-looking fellow smiled. “My, my... What an enthusiastic boy you have here, Arizel.” He chuckled. Arizel narrowed his eyes at him. “If you weren't my brother, I’d have hit you already,” she growled. Her... brother? Things were getting kind of confusing. Was this her family reunion or some strange plot to sacrifice me to all the gods in Asgard?

“Kaede Kagami,” Ilyena’s calm voice echoed in the silent culvert. “A name from Morroc, is that not right?” I nodded. “Interesting,” she said, acknowledging the nod. I stepped on the irritating little cockroach that tried to bite my boot off. “Well, we should take you to Master Fuujin right away. Of course, the Circle of Nine will escort you there.” She smiled at me. “Shall I make a Warp Portal now, Sir Tanicel?” Tanicel, the paladin, nodded. “Yes, and to the Top of the Tower, if you please. I believe this is a very important matter that the Circle of Nine should discuss with Master Fuujin and the Council.”

Ilyena clapped enthusiastically, took out a blue gemstone and closed her eyes. A while later, she set the blue gemstone down on the ground, her palms together and murmured something like a prayer. The instant she opened her eyes, bright light shot out of the gemstone.


Author’s Notes:

This fic is meant to be realistic, therefore do not imagine the RO avatars. And yes, at some point of this fic the Norse Gods will do something and something will happen that will involve the Norse Gods. It’s Ragnarok Online with a twist of reality. And people just don’t pick up items on the ground like most n00bs do. There shall be blood and death means no respawn. I am that evil. Thank you for reading this fic of mine. It was actually meant to be longer, but I decided to cut it short of 8 pages. Pfft. Go me.

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First post~ ^^ Basically, this is only going to be where i put up bits and pieces of my fanfics and stuffage. If you want to get updated with my life, THIS is the place to go ^^ Well.. Um.. I guess that's it for the first post. ^^;